The Festival

Awam Ka Cinema began its journey in 2006 from Ayodhya, in remembrance of the sacrifice of Shaheed Ashfaqullah Khan and Pt. Ram Prasad Bismil, "Awam ka Cinema" which in literal sense means “The People’s Cinema” is organised by the contribution of 'Awam' and for the 'Awam' only. A Non-Profitable organization, Awam ka Cinema (The People’s cinema) is an attempt to spread awareness, action and bring a wave of change in society through films as well. 

With a prime focus on social-reforms and dedicated to the martyrs of the Chauri Chaura incident, the 8th Chauri Chaura International Film Festival is a part of ‘Awam Ka Cinema’, is Gorakhpur’ only International Film Festival. A “Free for All” film festival to enjoy films from various countries including the country's own languages, the films will be organized thematically, in hopes of representing the full range of the human experience as reflected by our chosen filmmakers. 

CICFF-GKP will also be a vital showcase for indie short film makers as well as documentary film makers, music video creators and web series makers with a mission to give filmmakers a precious, affordable platform to showcase their talent to a true audience as well as jurors. Although the festival prefers to screen newer films, all submissions will be considered. The festival will consider any film in any genre. From the entertaining to the educational, inspirational to thought-provoking, comedic to ironic, CICFF-GKP is the place to showcase your films to the widest possible live audience.

Awam ka Cinema has so far not only successfully organized this film festival at Gorakhpur but has been at the forefront to take the concept of Film Festivals in many other big and small places, with main focus on rural areas and smaller towns. Some of the successfully organized film festivals include the Ayodhya Film Festival, Delhi Film Festival, Jaipur Film Festival, Mau Film Festival, Auriya Film Festival, Bijnor Film Festival, Kargil Film Festival, Jammu Film Festival, Azamgarh Film Festival, Barhaj Film Festival, Bijnore Film Festival, Kanpur Film Festival, Kaithi Film Festival, etc.